Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today, Janet and I made a round of our Representative and Senators' offices to express our support for healthcare reform. Bobby Scott's office was closed--it appears that they are in the process of relocating--but we spoke to one of his staff members by phone and she said that our comments would be forwarded to to the Washington office. However, we met with staff members at both Jim Webb's office and Mark Warner's office, and were able to express our thoughts and our support for reform.

Note--"we were able to express our thoughts and our support". The way adults do, not like these people or these people.

So--go, speak to your representatives. It was amazingly painless, and well worth it. Be polite and respectful--if your representatives don't agree, then still be calm and thank them for their time. We aren't children, and we should at least be respectful and decent towards each other.

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