Sunday, October 4, 2009

Do Physicians Support a Public Option?

Recently, an acquaintance brought this poll to my attention on Facebook, and claimed it shows that physicians don't trust a public option.

Interesting to note that this poll is from Sermo, a group whose founder posted this letter to discredit current healthcare reform efforts.

Remember: be careful how much weight you put on polls that are not randomized and that are not objective. Sermo is a self-selected group of physicians that does not favor the current proposals. If you ask this group if they like the current plan, the answer will be "No!". If you find this surprising, then you know nothing about research or polling.

As a counter-point, I'd like to re-post this link--from a top medical journal--showing the overwhelming support physicians have towards a public option (70%).

Remember: just because your favorite pundit says something is so doesn't make it so.

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