Sunday, March 14, 2010

Una Vida Sana!

Somewhat off the subject, but I wanted to mention that work is moving forward on the Una Vida Sana project. This program is intended to provide health screening services focused on the uninsured, Spanish-speaking community in Richmond. These are individuals that will not be helped by healthcare reform, whatever the final product looks like.

The short description of the project is: "A service learning program to provide cardio-metabolic disease screening and health outreach services to the Spanish-speaking community in Richmond while also providing clinical learning opportunities for medical, pharmacy and nursing students; clinical experience for Spanish-speaking medical interpreters; and health education experiences for lay health promoters."

The group has held 2 events thus far (last September and November) with another event coming up on March 20--next Saturday.

As this project grows and moves forward I plan to blog about it in greater detail.

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