Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Change in Course (and, hopefully, a renewal)

Looking back at this blog, I am embarrassed at how long it has been since I have updated it.  Life has gotten so busy that I hardly ever think to jot down any thoughts here, even if I should have some thought I think worth sharing.

Now that the ACA has been protected by the Supreme Court, by a Presidential election, and by a finally effective roll-out, I don't feel that I need to tout the law's benefits as loudly as I have been...and I appreciate those of you who have stuck through me during all this time.

I am hoping to bring this blog back to its original intent: to speak about medicine, and healing, and the challenges and rewards of working with medically-underserved communities.

In the past year, I have also become increasingly interested in the intersection of evidence-based medicine and patient-centered care.  I suspect that some of those thoughts will come into discussion on this blog.

Since my last post I have been teaching more.  I am teaching students in our school's honors program that prepares students to work with medically-underserved communities after they complete their training, and I am teaching the entire medical school class about the important elements of the doctor/patient relationship.  I hope that my increased engagement there will renew my energy and desire to share ideas here.

I am also helping teach a "Medicine and Literature" course on our undergraduate campus.  As part of that class, we have an active discussion board.  In order to get this blog back online, and to avoid doing the double work that would quickly end this attempt to restart things, I will start by cross-posting some of my thoughts from that discussion here.

Hopefully, you will see more on this blog soon.  Thanks to all those who might have been bearing with me.

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