Thursday, December 31, 2009

Richmond Times Dispatch Article

If you found this blog, it's possible you got here through a link from the Richmond Times Dispatch article that discussed my work in international medicine and in medical service projets. In case you got to this blog without seeing the newspaper article first, here is the link in case you're interested.


megan said...

Hi! I saw this article and am very interested in Una Vida Sana. I just graduated from Va Tech with a major in Spanish and am applying to nursing schools for the fall. Are there any volunteer opportunities at your clinic?

Sue said...

Dr. Ryan,
I applaud your efforts with Crossover Ministries and the Dominican Aid Society. Are there ways to serve if you are not a medical professional? We donate money to Crossover but would like to help the hispanic community in Richmond. I teach high school and see many students who lack proper paperwork to be here and thus do not have access to medical care even at Crossover. Is there a way to help them? Also wondering if a trip to DR for refugees from Haiti planned in the near future? Thanks!

mark said...


Sorry for the slow reply; when I was overseas, I did not see you comment in my inbox.

As of now, we have not opened up Una Vida Sana for participants outside of VCU and MCV. There are enough students seeking service learning opportunities here that we are not yet able to accommodate outside volunteers.

We will be having an organizational meeting soon, though, and I can bring this question up. We will be trying to expand the program's reach, and that might open up other opportunities.

Of course, should you decide to attend VCU's School of Nursing in the fall, then you would be in a position to participate without any extra effort.

Hope that helps some.


mark said...


I suspect that here are other organizations and opportunities for volunteering to help the Spanish-speaking community in Richmond. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the entire list.

Two resources that might be helpful:

--The City of Richmond's Hispanic Liaison Office (headed by Tanya Gonzalez) is a good central resource to find out what needs/opportunities might be present. Their website is:

--Colaborando Juntos is an umbrella organization of service organizations in Richmond that focus on the Spanish-speaking community; their website is:

As of now, I'm still working to figure out how to help with Haitian relief. The Medical Society of Virgnia Foundation is acting as a central clearing house for physician volunteers, but I am trying to find out if assistance is needed on the Dominican side.